One day trip to Gadiwara


Gadiwara – Riverside Picnic Spot near Kolkata

Every bengali bonbhojon is incomplete without komla lebu, dim sedho and bapuji cake!

Gadiwara Riverside

Christmas is almost here and there are two extended weekend up ahead. With the children are looking forward towards the winter holidays, the parents are looking forward towards a small gateway. For a Bengali, what is winter vacation without a family picnic?

This blog post is about a family picnic spot new Kolkata: Gadiara. Gadiara picnic spot is riverside picnic spot located approximately 80 kms from Kolkata. I have gone to Gadiara for a day out with my colleagues.

Gadiara Riverside

How to reach: The most convenient way to reach Gadiara Picnic spot is by car. Or buses are available in regular interval from Esplanade Bus Terminal, Kolkata. Or, one can board train from the Howrah Station to Bagnan Station. Local bus is available from Bagnan Station to Gadiara Picnic Spot.

Time to Reach: We have gone to Gadiawa by car and it took us about three hours to reach. We tried to leave at 7 am, and with the morning chaos, we have started our journey around 8:30 am. We reached out destination Gadiara at around 11:45 am.

Where to Stay: There are two major accommodation places at Gadiara Picnic Spot. One is Rupnarayan Tourist Lodge, by West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation Limited. And another is New Chalantika Tourist Lodge. We stayed at Rupnarayan Tourist Lodge. We had the outside picnic spot provided by Rupnarayan Tourist Lodge.



I, being an introvert in nature, seldom enjoys the chaos of the city. Thus, this place was a treat to my soul. Gadiara picnic spot is situated at the junction between the three prominent rivers – Hoogly, Damodor and Roopnarayan.

Gadiwara Riverside

We did make before hand arrangements for food at the Rupnarayan Tourist Lodge. The Gadiara picnic spot has magnificent view of the countryside. The place is little away from the locality. The evening spent there was the best part of the day. There were sitting arrangements at the river banks, where you can sit and enjoy the scenic beauty of the sunset while the cool river breeze flowing over your hair.

Gadiwara Riverside

There were ferries that allows you to get to the other side of the river, at Geokhali and Nurpur.

Gadiwara Riverside
Gadiwara Riverside

Overall, I did enjoy my outing to Gadiara, Riverside Picnic Spot.

Hope you enjoy reading this and plan your next picnic to Gadiara.

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    beautiful location

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