Dhaudia River Muhana – sightseeing Puri

Dhaudia River Muhana – sightseeing at Puri

Sometimes, it’s not the destination, but the journey that matters. In this case, it’s the detour 🙂

This picture = Love

When I talk about Puri Sea Beach and the sightseeing, people usually assume Konark Beach, Chilka Lake and Surya Temple. Certainly, those are the famous tourist attraction at Puri, but we did a little detour from the general tourist spots. In this post, I will be sharing my experience of Dhaudia River Muhana. Many of you have not heard about the place, and many of you may have visited the place but don’t know the exact name of the place. Dhaudia River Muhana is also known as Muhana by the locals. The place is an estuary where the River Dhaudia meets the Bay of Bengal.

The Panorama Mode of Muhana

How to Reach: We rode an auto from the Puri Golden Beach that took us to Dhaudia River Muhana. The Muhana is approximately 4 kilometres away from the Golden Beach. The place is not much popular and visited by the tourist, so you can get auto easily to the place but not from the Muhana. It is better to ask the auto driver to wait, unless you want to walk 4 kilometres to the locality.

A picture from the Auto


Due to my over-energetic father, we had to wake up early in the morning, not for enjoying the sunrise with a cup of tea; but for jogging in the beach. Well, it’s jogging for my dad, and hours of trialling walk on the beach for me while my feet were in the water for most of the time. While, my family and I were enjoying the lovely morning walk on the beach, we kind of lost track of my father. And fortunately, with the advent of technology and ability to hear our voice from miles apart, we were able to get in contact with him. We were summoned by my father to get in an Auto and take a ride to Muhona. At this point we had absolutely no idea where we were heading to or how far were we going. After about ten minutes of ride in the auto, we reached the place with my father waving out to us. Apparently, he was four kilometre ahead of us!

Dhaudia River meeting Bay of Bengal
Silhouette of my brother

The place is absolutely mesmerizing. Not much people visit the area, thus the water and beach ware much clear and unaltered. The waves are much slow and water from the Dhaudia River is dragging over the sand. I found a large number of jelly fish, star fish, crabs and sea shells over the beach. The morning sun was reflecting over the water making the water shine like a sheet of diamonds.

natural patterns

The continuous clawing of the sea to the shore takes me to a tranquil state. I can stand there for hours, with the water flowing over my feet and the sand flowing away. Looking at the endless horizon often makes me realise that we only know about the little fragments that Mother Nature allowed us to see. There lies gigantic amount of treasure and life waiting to be found, to be discovered. Again, the unknown, the certainty scares me. I will always have incommunicable bond with the sea.

I will never get tired of clicking this picture, every time I visit!

We stayed about for an hour and returned to our hotel. I found the place to be tranquilizing. Hope you found this helpful and take a few hours journey to Dhaudia River Muhana to your next trip to Puri and share your experience with me.

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