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Creativity takes Courage – Henri Matisse

Kolkata gets its first, very own art cafe serving as a gallery for the souls hungry for art as well as great food. After a day long shopping and walking around the corners of Park Street and Esplanade, we decided to pop in a place to relax and indulge in some chit-chat.




Located inside the alley of Minto Park, the cafe is little hard to find, but the Artsy have done a great job by placing the painted direction for better navigation. The bright yellow and blue interior is sure to calm anyone’s eyes and soul. The particular interior, design, color combination, ambiance and aura is sure to lift your mood. I love the cozy sitting arrangement with bright yellow and blue sofas, and bean bags. The cafe has a small book shelf that allows you select a book and read from. After all what’s a better companion, than a book, with a hot coffee and cold evening ? Apart from the cafe, the place acts as a gallery for young artists and promoting art.

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Food: Although the menu section is limited, but the variety and taste is not. They offer a wide section of tea and coffee. But, I felt like the dessert section could be improved.

What we ordered ~

Thai Chicken Salad:

Thai Chicken Salad
Thai Chicken Salad
Thai Chicken Salad

Apart from being extremely photogenic due to the presence of red cabbage, the salad was extremely tasty and fulfilling. Lettuce, onions, capsicum and ample portion of roasted lemongrass chicken were tossed together and perfectly coated with sweet-sour vinaigrette dressing.

Red Bean Burger:

Red Bean Burger
Red Bean Burger

In-spite of being a chicken lover and hard-core non-vegetarian, I do love this burger. Read bean burger patty was made with stuffed spicy red beans. A generous amount layer of mozzarella cheese was spread over the patty and with a layer of salsa. The burger was spicy, juicy from inside and fulfilling. Red Bean Burger was accompanied with potato chips.

Hot Chicken Sandwich:

Hot Chicken Sandwich
Hot Chicken Sandwich

Have you ever had Zinger Burger from KFC? Did you love it? If yes, then my friend, I must say, this burger will give KCF a run for their money. The fried chicken, marinated in buttermilk, the mayonnaise, slices of tomato and lettuce. The picture perfect, or rather tummy perfect burger. The chicken was crispy from outside and juicy from inside with all the flavors. Just loved it !

Pan-Roasted Chicken:

Pan-Roasted Chicken
Pan-Roasted Chicken

This is a healthy option and fulfilling too. Perfectly pan roasted chicken breast accompanied with proportion amount of saute mushroom and beans. Love he combination and taste.

Cappuccino Caramel Flavor:

Cappuccino Caramel Flavor
Cappuccino Caramel Flavor

Cappuccino no needs introduction and description. It was perfect blend of espresso and milk foam. Love the presentation.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee:

Vietnamese Iced Coffee
Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Vietnamese Iced Coffee, we ordered it as a recommendation from the staffs as it was one of their specialties. Layer of condensed milk served with espresso was indeed very special. Loved the taste. One of the best iced coffee tasted.

Presentation: ★★★★★
Food Quality: ★★★★★
Taste: ★★★★★
Ambiance: ★★★★★
Value for money: ★★★★☆
Service: ★★★★★

Overall, a great place to be. A treat for both your heart and soul. Loved the ambiance and food. The staffs are extremely friendly and helpful. Do share your preference and expectation about the food with the staffs, they will help surely help you out for enhance you r overall experience at Artsy. Good luck Team Artsy and thank you for the great experience ! Looking forward for the next visit. 🙂

Must Try items (based on my opinion and items tasted):

  • Pan-Roasted Chicken
  • Hot Chicken Sandwich

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  1. Subztitle says:

    Burger and chicken sandwich looks delicious.
    Thanks for sharing such a great experience.

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    1. I am glad you like it. Thanks for dropping by ! 🙂

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  2. mistimaan says:

    Nicely reviewed with good pictures 🙂

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    1. Ritu says:

      Thanks Mistimaan

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  3. What a delightful place to visit. Lovely.

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  4. jyo says:

    Nice review and droolicious pics ❣

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂


    2. Thank you dear. The food there is great too 🙂


  5. indiatourfood2017 says:

    Hey Keep posting. Nice Blog. I liked your blog I hope you will also like “Indian Railway Station Style Potato Vegetable” It’s a delicious vegetarian Indian Food. I hope you will try it.

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    1. Thank you. I did visit you blog. It’s a love one 🙂


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